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Christmas dinner – Paris style

The fat content was high, the calories NOT low, but the taste and the enjoyment were divine!

Christmas dinner in Paris :

We started with foi gras… a delicacy made from the over-saturated liver of a goose (or a duck) that is cut onto toasts and garnish with onion, fig or other savory jams. We had a white wine jelly and an onion confit to go with it. Accompanied with a white wine that is doux (sweet).

Then comes the pièce de résistance, the dinde (turkey). Oven roasted and basted in butter (margarine for lactose issues) for 3 hours in which the house smells so good you could eat your own arm and not feel it. Stuffed to the brim with a veal stuffing complete with parsley, shallots, chicken livers, cognac and chestnuts… go ahead and drool. We sewed up both ends so the stuffing would not escape, nor the flavor.

And to go along with the scrumptious turkey and mouth-watering stuffing, there were stewed prunes and roasted chestnuts. The stewed prunes seep overnight in earl grey tea, and then are stewed in a pot with butter, salt and pepper…Mmmm! The chestnuts get a little gravy from the roasted turkey over them after they have simmered in a pot for a few hours. So, so delicious.

The dinner accompanied with a red wine with bold flavor in order to contend with all of the tastes on the table…

And then, if you are not full enough… there is dessert! Dessert was an ice-cream yule log (and for me a chocolate sorbet!) Plus some of my homemade macarons: raspberry-lychee, thank you very much!

Bellies taught and happy we sipped a little espresso for digestion and were grateful for all of our blessings. I hope your Noël was as delicious and that your new year will bring many wonderful things your way.

Bonnes fêtes à tout le monde!


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