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Zucca SS2011 – ça coule de source –

The inspiration was as bright as the filmed images projected on the wall at the end of the show : running water.

And the collection reminded me of the 19th century painting by Ingres : La Source


La Source : 1820-1856, by Ingres


Zucca a line by Tokyo born designer Akira Onozuka was launched in 1988. Well known for his work-wear designs, the funtionality of his clothing with an emphasis on design and the simplicity in his work. All of this was present at his show at the Couvent des Cordeliers in Paris’ 6th arrondissement on Monday October 4th 2010.



The coolness of the hydro-themed line was expressed in the dark colors : charcoal blacks, sky-white, deep navy and cobalt blues. The sweetness of water is expressed in the delicate materials : sheer silks and cotons, soft flowing cotons, light knit-wear… and a water-like movement was shown in the shapes and forms : pleats, draping, runching, and ample folding that fit to and fall down the sillhouette with grace. Also seen were some layered silks, and a couple sequined pieces… of course to touch upon that shiny aspect of water!
PPM_9b PPM_9c

What I like about this collection is the aparant comfort and wear-ability mixed with a lovely feminine style. The knee-length skirts, soft flexible textures and several belted yet comfortable-looking waistlines are attractive, subdued and pretty. Très japonais.


The lace edging gives kist the tiniest hint of girlish “coquetterie”, while the pleats, folds and draping sculpt the feminine form in subtle ways, and gently bring out the grace of lady-like forms.

PPM_9i PPM_9h

PPM_9f PPM_9g

Don’t let the japanese subtlety fool you, there is a wealth of creativity in this artist who designs a men’s line in addition to his women’s (a few men’s items were shown in this Paris show), watches, and he also designs accessories.


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