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Montmartre chéri – Montmartre forever

Montmartre, a long time ago, was an ancient place of legend where Saint Denis was beheaded (and according to this very legend, he picked up his head and ran to the place that is now the City of Saint Denis, North of Paris where there is a cathedral built in his namesake). Montmartre used to be a little village with nuns, a convent and a monastery with their religious brethren… with fields and windmills for grinding grain… farmers etching out a quiet existence.

And then, less than a couple centuries ago some “marginal” people came to populate this land, set up clandestine cabarets, used the windmills to grind elements for paint pigments, and discovered new subject matters for the canvas : regular people, nature, landscapes, debauchery, the daily toil of the little man, the beauty of the common woman, and the simply wild or the wildly simple pleasures of life.

In more recent times, Montmartre has smelled the lingering perfume of the tragic disco stars, has listened to the movie sets of famous film directors, and seen a rise in tourist groups peering up and down the hilly cobblestone streets. And through it all, the charm has been retained.

A place with more than just one attitude, in Montmartre you will find many facets and faces.

………………………………………… Voilà just a few…


Montmartre in love

See the blog by The Parisienne from Sept 2nd on this


Montmartre meander


Vintage Montmartre

Montmartre has its own vineyard

Fête des vendanges Oct 6-10, 2010


Montmartre museum

Under an uncertain future and financial difficulties, please go visit this place so it does not disappear forever!


Immaculate Montmartre


Luminous Montmartre


Gilles’ Montmartre

The infamous singing cabaret where all can join in unison.


Montmartre monumental


Marvelous Montmartre

L’Esprit de Montmartre, a different way to discover This magnificent and vibrant place.


  1. Ah comme Montmartre me manque! Merci pour ce post memorable. Attends, on dit “billet” non?
    Is it pathetic that I have a hard time writing in French after 7 years in the US?
    Mais je vais faire un effort, c’est promis…

    1. Maryline, je pense que le vrai mot est “billet” effectivement, mais personne ne le dit! On dit “post” dans la langue courante, so you haven’t lost your touch. 😉

  2. I want to go! Montmartre certainly has an interesting makeup it would seem. Your photos and words really capture the charm you discuss that remains in Montmartre.

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