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Boutique éphémère… fashion longue durée – Temporary store… long term fashion

éphémère – that which does not last long…

In the center of Paris at Châtelet, there is a little boutique of “treasures”… It’s like the jam center of a fresh beignet, or the ganache filling in the middle of a macaron (but not the macarons from McDo, this is the shopping equivalent of a one-of-a-kind-hand-made-naturally-flavored macaron).

It is also a place to return to more than once, because the choices are always changing and revolving. Haut Les Arts Boutique des Créateurs is a store that is collectively rented and run by a group of artists and créateurs. Each week some take down their exposition, some stay on longer and others arrive. And there’s something fro every style and budget.

September 13-19 (after that check their site for more dates)

Every day 11h // 20h

1 Rue Ste Opportune,

75001 à Paris

Châtelet – RER Les Halles (exit n°6 Sainte Opportune)

This week, until Sunday, you can find :

Some adorably sexy ladies boxer shorts from Pon Pon, by designer Leatitia Guillet.

(photo from Pon Pon’s website)

Also from Pon Pon are cute zipper earrings and zipper pouches


Hats and head accessories are back in fashion. And designer/modiste Laurence Le Clerc has got you covered.

Here are a few of her creations (pictures taken from her website photos by Davoud Ohadi)

Suddenly my head feels a little bare!


Did you know that coal from wood has beneficial characteristics, and that it’s use is an old Japanese tradition?

Lorène Hayat and Hirohiko Kamiya design jewelry from coal that comes from Holm oak trees from the protected forests in the Kishu region of Japan. The combustion and treatment of the wood is very meticulous and must be done by skilled workers. The resulting substance has a porous structure. It is great for absorbing humidity and odors as well as toxic substances in the air and in water. It’s a natural anti-termite product when placed under the floorboards. It is also believed to absorb electromagnetic waves that come from our various electronic devices, and it can also eliminate CO2 and has infra-rouge properties that ameliorate blood circulation. Find Charcoal Eskimeit in the boutique and on-line.


And last but not least, part of fashion is beauty and well-being, and Les Secrets de Loly understands that as well as the need for quality, natural products that are hand made in respect nature. (Photos from her website where you can purchase her products if you don’t make it to the store at Châtelet).


Bon shopping chers amis!

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  1. La marque Fruit Rouge ouvre egalement une Boutique Ephemere à Chatelet du 14 au 20 mars. La Boutique se trouve au 15 rue des Halles, à 50 m de la rue de Rivoli et de la rue de la Ferronnerie.

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