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Se faire une beauté – To get dolled up

Photo : and L’Occitane teamed up to give the ladies of the hexagone a little beauty session for free and an introduction to their new make-up line that will run for a limited time only. In honor of mothers everywhere, this make-up line is made in the essence of peonies, those lovely flowers that come out in late Spring – early Summer, that some people go crazy for. Well l’Occitane timed the launch of the make-up line well with the arrival of these ruffly topped stems in florist shop windows.

The make-up session was swift and sweet, a little bit of their Mine d’Or bronzer that has several colors on one palette to accommodate all skin pigments.

A little eyeshadow, that can be used dry or wet to “ouvrir le regard” and some cream-blush that also can double as a lip gloss. Nothing that is very heavy, just what one would expect from this company that puts an emphasis on using natural products.


  1. I wanted to do a post on my blog about L’Occitane … my mother introduced me to it a few years ago when you bought me a sampler of items that were being sold on QVC (home shopping show on tv). Thanks for the delightful post on the new scent.

  2. Salut Cynthia, it’s available only for a limited time, malheureusement. But they will be putting out new lines of make up (that are all limited time only) at different events throughout the year(s). I believe they’ll put one out around Christmas… etc… à suivre!

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