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Être en fleur – to blossom

Youpi! It’s Spring!!!
Convinced by the many compliments and the empty bowl, I believe I should offer you up my wild rice salad recipe with flourish!
This salad is full of flavor, color and fun textures

Voici some measurements but I really prefer to eyeball everything… it’s like art, I don’t paint-by-numbers.

Long grain black wild rice about 1.5 cups
Short grain black rice about 2 cups
Dried cranberries about 2 cups
Graines de courge (the green squash seeds) about half a cup.
Thyme (fresh not dried) about 1 cup.
Chicken (diced)
A handful of diced onions (for the chicken) about a quarter cup.
Edible flowers (color – au choix!)
Salt (amount to taste depending on the quantity of your salad) for mine I probably used about 2-3 teaspoons, but it was a large salad.

Everything I got was organic (except the flowers, I got them from the Bon Marché, but I don’t think they were organic)


I cooked the two different rices separately because of different water volumes and cook time. The long grain (1 vol. of rice for 2 vol. of water), cooked for about 45 minutes.
The short grain rice (1 vol. of rice for 2.5 vol. of water) cooked for about an hour.
I put in some fresh thyme with both rices to cook. 1/8th cup per pot. This will help get the thyme flavor in the rice.

Mix the two cooked rice grains in a large bowl and stir to let it cool a little while you take care of the rest.

The chicken should be diced in small pieces, about the size of… well a dice, and sautéed with the diced onions until cooked through, but not too dry! Don’t over cook. Add the chicken to the rice mixture.

Toss in the dried cranberries.

Take the green squash seeds and put them in a clean dry pan on low heat to roast for about 3-4 minutes. Shuffle frequently. Add to the rice mix.

Take the rest of the thyme and stir it in the mix.

Add salt to taste. I add a little, stir, taste and repeat until I think the flavor is perfect.

The flowers are to be added on top just before serving. Don’t mix them in as they will end up looking slightly like flower mush.

And voilà!


  1. I love this! I’ve been finding ways to incorporate flowers into my meals lately. Rose sorbet, rose petal sauce etc..this is just what I have been looking for. I’ll try it!

    It was nice to meet you last night at Café Etienne Marcel. I’m enjoying your blog.

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