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Il était une fois… – Once upon a time…

Number 23 rue Mazarine, Paris, 6th. The Prescription Cocktail club is nostalgic and trendy all in one. Perhaps because anything vintage is all the rage these days and this place does vintage like your grandma in the 20’s. Your hip-shakin’ chic and sassy Parisian grandma! Set in the intellectual and artist hub Saint-Germain neighborhood this cozy bar puts a fun twist on going out for a drink. It has the feel of an apartment and not a bar, with plush armchairs and couches, old books that add warmth to the décor and soft lighting that makes you feel, well, at home. At home in a snazzy boudoir Saint-Germain apartment, I mean. Old-school board and card games are scattered around for guests to play, and the staff is young, cosmopolitan and friendly. The menu is small yet inventive, like this one and changes often :

Yesterday, April 25th marked the last of their Mad Hatter’s Pyjama Party Picnics that have been happening every Sunday for about a month, but there are sure to be more fabulous events to come.

A place to mingle with the young and trendy Parisians without the sweaty dance-floor or head-pounding discothèque music.

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