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Fait maison – Home grown

A true Parisian, born here in 1965, Arnaud Lucet has let his imagination run wild through the streets and history of this city. His opus, called No Art, is a nostalgic reverence to Parisian culture and French innovation with a conscienceness for the environment, and a touch of humor.
His art, based on reccuperation of industrial parts and objects that would otherwise end up in the refuse heap, takes it’s original inspiration from Jules Vernes’ novel, “20000 leagues under the sea”, and its humor from a Warner Brothers cartoon (Wyle Coyote and the Road Runner), to create on-of-a-kind pieces that have style and story. Décorum, lamps, or furniture pieces… this is not your typical design. It’s futuristic, nostalgic and “tongue-in-cheek” all at the same time, and you’ve never seen anything like it!

At age 20 he received his diploma from the Ecole d’Art de la Rue Madame, and less than ten years later he had his first exposition at the Galerie de Nesle in Paris, titled “C’est toujours comme-ça…” Since then he hasn’t ceased to reveale his works all over the Parisian landscape, scattered across France and in several places throughout Europe. He has even sojourned in India at an artists’ residence at Tamil Nadu where he worked on “The Dune“. So one could say he’s “going places” but home is definately where his heart is.

Notice on his new poster for the current No Art exposition “L’Explosition”, the font of the title is the same old font of the RATP, the company that exploits the Parisian underground transport system. If you look closely at some of his pieces, you’ll see things that come directly from the walls of Parisian buildings, etc… His work is full of these “clin d’oeil” towards Paris and it’s innerworkings. From the local water company (which we find reccurent in many of his pieces) to the aluminum piping, to the nuts and bolts that hold the city together, his art is a deep hommage to his hometown.

Where you might see his work :
In addition to designing the office of the mayor of the 4th district of Paris, he has also designed several other interesting places : Click here to find out where.

His exposotion “L’Explosition” is on display until April 25th 2010 at GalerieArtima which has two locations in the Marias, 4 rue Pas de la Mule 75003; and 20 Place des Vosges 75004. They are right around the corner from eachother (you can stop at Café Hugo which is inbetween them, for an apéritif!)

For art collectors, these are items to snag NOW, because they go very fast. But The artist does create custom pieces and comissioned works. For rennovators, he also could very happy to take old industrial style “junk” off your hands. Or you can have him create a work of art from the ancient sink piping that you just had replaced in your Parisian pied-à-terre apartment, or for Thing-finders, items that you found on the sidewalk next to the trash can could become the next No Art chef d’oeuvre!

What is it? Rework, Reinvent, Redesign?

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