Paris Travel

“vouloir le beurre et l’argent du beurre” = to want your cake and eat it too

Yes I do. I want to go on a trip, and not feel like a cow in a herd of cattle at the airport. For the first time in years, I had an easy, breezy trip right from the start. And it started at the terminal 2G of the Charles de Gaulle airport. Normally I cringe when I have to go to CDG. But this terminal was the opposite of the rest of the wacky, stressful place. There are fewer flights coming in and out, thus less people and confusion. The planes were smaller, so therefor the destinations not so far away. The terminal’s waiting area is spacious, and the decor has calming colors and soft lighting.

We had arrived very early in anticipation of crowds and problems, and were surprised when we had two hours to wait calmly in a comfortable café, reading the magazines we had purchased at the news stand. The restrooms were even clean comfortable! Terminal 2G is a bit farther out than the other terminals. But there are no long lines for taxis either. When taxis are needed for arriving passengers, there is a dispatcher who calls them over from terminal 2A. Everything runs smooth at CDG 2G.

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