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“à un poil près” = missed by a hair

Why have they not caught on to this idea back in the USA…inexpensive waxing? When I hear what my friends across the pond pay for a wax, I am literally flabergasted! 60$ for a leg wax…it’s preposterous! Wax is a cheap substance for pete’s sake!
Here, in the land where everything else is expensive, we at least have affordable waxing, and beauty care, for all. Perhaps it stems from the French preoccupation with appreance, like we see in the little old ladies who put on their full face of make-up plus earrings and perfume, just to go to the market, but for whatever reason it is, I am grateful.

The particular salon that I go to, Body’Minute, a women only salon, has locations all over France. The concept is : quick, easy, inexpensive, when-you-want-it care. You subscribe for a small fee per month (there’s a slight reduction for students), and have very low prces for all your beauty care, including waxing for 4,30€ per zone! (not including the bikini). For non-subscribers the prices are still relatively low.
The other perk is that you do not have to make an appointment for every time you want to go get a wax, you simply go to the nearest salon, and let ’em rip the hairs off! Hmmm, sounds fun doesn’t it!?!
You also have access to inexpensive massages, skin care and nail care, slimming care, tanning and some even do eyelash tinting. For the subscribers there is a special every month, for example this month you get one free zone for every two zones waxed.

Their website finally has an english version, so check out their offer.
And whomever has the smarts to start something like this State-side, will not go to the bank crying, and she’ll have super smooth legs, and will probably be able to afford Louboutin heels…and then have amazing shoes for her amazing legs…

(March 2010) NEWS FLASH! Body Minute has opened a branch in Miami, Fla.!!!
Click here for directions, or if you would like to consider opening your own Body Minute franchise check this out.

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