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“Je suis comblé” = My cup runneth over

I received many gracious well wishes for the celebration of my growing older (but not up), as I like to refer to birthdays. And I was surprised by the numerous French friends who would say, “I hope you got everything you wanted!” (I wonder if this is a French thing to say???) My response was, that I am already very blessed! Especially by my loved ones many of whom surrounded me with their company at my favorite bar in the Marais, le Yono, on rue de Temple. We had somes laughs, some drinks and some cake I made. I was also taken out for brunch in the morning…and what a brunch it was! At the Safran restaurant at the Hilton, in a somptuous decorum, we were served with white linen service and a smile…such gracious service is often considered rare in Paris.
Brunch was served buffet style, but this was not your average all-you-can-eat buffet. There were rows of langoustines, platters of foie gras, salad bowls full of curry chicken with almond slivers, slice after slice of seared tuna, roll after roll of sushi, trays of salmon, bowls of sautéd green beans with pecans and small pieces od succulent ham, shelves of creamy pink and pastel desserts, baskets full of croissants, a chef slicing roast beef and honey cured ham…and cheese in wedges and wheels enough for a king.
I went back three times for more!
It’s not a place you would go to brunch every week, considering the price (and the calories), but for a special occasion it’s wonderful. You have an array of choices that you couln’t get at a dinner service restaurant, and the service, I can’t say enough about the service! Our wine glasses were never half empty, and our waitress was never in the way <hen we headed to the buffet but always there when we needed her.
My gracious thanks to those who celebrated my birthday with so much delicious company and such lovely food! 😉


  1. Great timing on your post! We are staying here now! The hotel is as splendid as the buffets. During the week it is equally as decadent (just minus the shrimp.) I enjoy your blog very much, and Happy birthday,too.

    Check out the evening concerts at Sainte Chapelle. Ghislaine Roux was magnificent.

    1. Kathleen, it looks like we enjoy the same things! I was just at a concert at the Sainte Chapelle on Thrusday evening!
      PS : BTW, This post was translated for my Friday en français segment…the original one was posted in October 2009. But I will accept a “happy un-birthday” from you! I have 364 of those!!! LOL! 😉

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