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Faire le pied de grue = To wait around

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I never go to the Champs Elysées, unless absolutely necessary. Of course I did run into Dita Von Teese there last Spring, in a pharmacy nonetheless…maybe I should go more often. Well anyway, we ended up there the other evening, for a movie showing of The Informant (a good and quite different performance by Matt Damon, I should mention). Early, by half an hour, we decided to stroll the avenue instead of standing in line staring at the popcorn vendor. And just a few doors down was 136 avenue des Champs Elysées. Now I have beenby there before, but always scoffed it off as a tourist time killer, and totally uninteresting. But I actually looked at what was on display this time. Aside from the blantantly obvious (and pretty spiffy) Peugot voitures, there are many other fabulous items on display and for sale that are also designed and made by Peugot. And I thought they just made cars! Turns out they didn’t start out making cars in the first place. You can also get a little history lesson in the form of a time-line, and can oggle toy models of all the cars they have designed over the course of their existance.

Did you know that Peugot makes wrenches? and salt and pepper shakers (really cool ones with lights on them)? Yep, they do! A cool idea for a stocking stuffer. Infact the store is full of good ideas. But you can always enjoy it as an “expo” of Peugot history if you are not Christmas shopping yet, and it’s free to enter!


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