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April in Paris


Pin the Shoe on the Dress

Pin the Shoe on the Dress
#ModCloth and more for a fun and chic Valentine’s Day outfit to go to dinner, dancing and beyond with your Chéri!
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Dressing Like Dita

I have a lovely habit of wasting time on one of my favorite websites : ShopStyle. It’s like having the world as a closet and being able to create outfits form millions and millions of articles. It’s addicting. I am warning you now.

I am also a big fan of Dita. You know who I am talking about. She inspires me and well frankly, I wish I had her waredrobe and work-out regime!

I created some looks from pictures of Dita Von Teese found off of Google. It was time-consuming but fun to browse thousands of pieces of clothing and accessories, looking for that one perfect piece to illustrate her outfits.


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New Year’s Style & Shine Look


Some fun ideas for a super chic and shiny New Year’s Eve party style, if I had oodles of cash to spend on a swanky outfit!

I did toss in one of my favorite cosmetic/perfume artists : Serge Lutens. The “à la nuit” eau de parfum hinting to the incredible Moon Drop pearl and diamond earrings by Renee Lewis. And then a little edginess mixed in with the snakeskin Kotur clutch and the Roberto Cavalli crystal snake ring. And well, every girl needs a little sparkle head-to-toe at an end-of-the-year party, so I threw in some sparkly soled Le Silla peep-toes, a simple yet beautiful single pearl and white gold bangle by Melanie Georgacopoulos and a pearl shine Diorific nail lacquer.  And of course….the dress! A Kaufman Franco asymmetrical draped stunner all made of sequins.

Now if this outfit doesn’t make you glow, I don’t know what will!

See more of my styled outfits at my ShopStyle page…

I will not however be wearing anything nearly as fabulous as this gorgeous ensemble. Chéri and I were planning on joining my in-laws at a country home of a good family friend, but as Chéri has been sick for 3 days and if he doesn’t feel better tomorrow, we may just stay in Paris and hang out together at home in our PJ’s and sip home made hot chocolate (spiked with rum of course). And that is just fine with me too!


Mark Addison




Perhaps I will use one of Mark Addison’s delicious recipes! for toasty drinks in the Winter!!





What are all of you planning on wearing to celebrate the New Year?

Happy stylish New Year everyone!

*Bisous de Paris*

Shoes at the BHV

When I worked in study abroad, I used to tell my students who came here to Paris, that if they needed anything and couldn’t find it they could always head to the BHV. I used to say that at the BHV, you could more or less build, decorate and live in a house with everything they have there. But, recently, with their new ad campaign, I realized that there was one thing missing…
. . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shoes.

Prete Moi Paris

I am really shocked at myself. How could I not have noticed?!? Moi! Shoe hoard and fanatic!!! Well, now I am truly happy to say that you can finally build, decorate and live, and thrive (meaning : suffice your shoe cravings) with all they have to offer at the BHV…

Fall-Winter Boot wishlist

These may not be the most practical of footwear, but they are orgasmic, and I want every single one to be a part of my closet. I have a shoe issue. But that’s not news, and nothing to be ashamed of. Right Kelly?!?

So back to the shoe subject at hand…. here’s my drool list for this season :

Oscar De La Renta : Ella suede trim and gold brocade baroque inspired ankle boots

Givenchy cuffed and layered shaft knee boot, in moka

Alexander Wang, super sleek ankle boots

Nine West feminity low boots in purple suede

Givenchy cuffed box calf three toned ankle boots

Nina Ricci low boots in python with zip in the back

Nine West Nwcosy low boots with ankle cut-out

Alexander McQueen black low boot with a spike heel, interior platform and a giant bow in the back

Visconti London brown biker boot

A.F. Vandervorst bi-material suede and leather low boot with wedge heel

See more of my looks at ShopStyle. And then after walking around Paris all afternoon in these shoes, head to Le Nid du Phénix for a foot massage!

Repetto : press release : ballet slipper school

Normally I don’t publish posts about the press releases I get in my email inbox; this is because I want my blog to reflect my vision and my discoveries of Paris. But this one, I felt compelled to communicate on this platform because it speaks to me in so many ways that I felt it was more than appropriate. So much so that I took the liberty of translating it into English. For one thing, it’s about a French company that I love : Repetto. And this company works within an art form that I also love (and used to do) : Dance. And thirdly, it is concerning a place to learn how to make things, with your hands, and THAT speaks volumes to me. I am fond of detailed work done with human hands and not just machines, especially with the French savoir-faire for great quality. (I secretly wish I could make shoes myself). So without further ado… straight from Repetto :

Photo courtesy of Repetto

Repetto inaugurera son école de formation vendredi 20 janvier 2012 à Coulaures.

Repetto will be inaugurating it’s own artisan school on January 20th, 2012 in Coulaures.

Friday, 20 January 2012


 At the Lycée professionnel des Métiers du Bâtiment Chardeuil

24420 oulaures

 L’objectif de cette école – unique en France, est de former l’ensemble des salariés de nos ateliers Repetto ainsi que les premiers  150 futurs salariés sur les métiers du cuir afin de faire face à l’accroissement de l’activité de notre Maison. A l’issue de cette formation d’une durée de 6 mois, les personnes en mesure de confectionner une ballerine « cousu retourné » dans son intégralité et selon notre savoir-faire unique, intégreront l’usine Repetto.

The objective of the school – one that is unique in France, is to train their entire staff for their own workshops as well as the first 150 new artisans that they will be hiring, in leather work, in order to be able to meet the demands of their rising activity. At the end of the 6 month training, those who are able to create a ballet slipper that is “sewn and turned” in it’s entirety and according the the unique Repetto savoir-faire, will integrate the Repetto factory.

Photo courtesy of Repetto

Hébergée à Chardeuil durant la durée des travaux*, cette formation est ouverte depuis le mois de novembre 2011. Elle est assurée par des Repetto Genuine Craftsmen ayant acquis une longue expérience et une grande dextérité dans les techniques de fabrication ainsi que par des membres du CTC (centre Technique de la chaussure).

Housed in Chardeuil for the duration of the construction*, this training has been open since November 2011. It is given by the Repetto Genuine Craftsmen who have gained a lengthy experience and great dexterity in the techniques of fabrication as well as members of the CTC (Centre Technique de la Chaussure).

Repetto souhaite former  dans un 1er temps 150, personnes en 4 ans.

Repetto is hoping to begin by training 150 people in 4 years.

*A l’issue des travaux prévue en septembre 2012, l’école de formation prendra place sur le lieu de fabrication Repetto de St-Médard.

*At the end of construction, estimated for September 2012, the school’s training will take place at the St-Médard Repetto factory.


Photo courtesy of Repetto

L’Etat, la région Aquitaine et le département de la Dordogne, fiers de cette initiative, s’associent à cet événement.

The State, the region Aquitaine and the department of Dordogne, are proud to associate support this event.

#PFW Shoe Sighting

Paris fashion week, holds an aspect that I love to explore…. SHOES!
There are so many fun shoes to see and photograph and discover… Shoes, shoes. shoes… fabulous and fun shoes!
Here are some of the shoes I captured :

It takes two! Two feet, two colors, two types of leather…

Red, shiny, fuzzy, all sorts of stuff going on here!

Dainty and fun but the lady needs to learn how to stand like a lady…

Posing pretty!

Comfort and a little bit retro.

Zara…is totally acceptable too!

Color blocking.

Pierre Hardy pizazz!

Not afraid to be blue.

Pretty and sweet summer style.

It’s still rock and roll to me…

Sparkly like the Eiffel tower!

Well, not EVERYONE has good taste in shoes!